Consumers’ 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

At 4moms, we created the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet to empower and support parents in their infant's sleep journey.  Rooted in the science of infant sleep, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is designed to help parents calm crying and increase baby’s sleep.

Infants' bodies and sleep patterns change weekly - as they develop and grow in leaps and bounds in the first 12 weeks of life.  The MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet allows parents to stay connected to their infant's changes with customizable features that are ‘parent activated.’

Every infant is different. The MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Let the sleep journey begin! 

MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a bassinet when I’m only going to use it for a few months?

  • Newborns sleep 16-18 hours a day! Infants are in their designated sleeping space 5x more than anyplace else for the first few months.
  • You need a safe sleeping space for your infant, as they are going to be spending a lot of time there (naps and night sleeps). 

Does my bassinet need motion?

  • Newborns are happiest and most content when they are in your arms. 4moms has developed a bassinet that offers a variety of unique and proven motions that mimic a parent’s soothing bouncing and swaying. It moves like you do.
  • Motion for baby is naturally comforting and soothing. Do you need motion in your bassinet? No. But early on parents are looking for anything that can help their baby (and themselves) get better sleep – and motion, specifically in this bassinet, will help baby connect sleep cycles.

Is it safe to use if my baby’s not strapped in?

  • 4moms has done extensive testing on their MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. It meets all sleep and safety compliances. 
  • Developmentally your baby will start to roll over around 3-4 months. They will roll over regardless of the surface when they reach that milestone.
  • The movement of the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet was designed to be calming and gentle. It will not cause your baby to roll over.

 The mattress doesn’t look very comfortable. Can I add another one to it?

  • Baby’s bodies are different than adults. In fact, baby’s skeletal systems need MORE support.
  • Babies have nearly 300 bones, while adults have 206. And babies’ bones and spines are softer than an adult’s.  This is why they need a firm surface to support them – the firmer and flatter the mattress, the better and more supportive.
  • As with any bassinet, playard or crib, you want to foster to safe sleep. That means you want to keep your baby’s sleeping surface bare – no bumpers, pillows, extra mattresses, stuffed animals, etc. Adding anything to the bassinet is a potential safety hazard. 

Will my baby like the motion?

  • All babies are different. The great thing about the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is that there is 100 different motion, speed and sound combinations to choose from.  Parents can experiment with different combinations to see which their baby prefers.
  • Additionally, parents should understand that as their baby grows and develops, their preferences will change. What worked one week to get your little one to sleep, may not work the next.  That’s why it’s helpful to have different options to choose from so that you can adjust to your baby’s growing needs.

Will my baby become dependent on the motion?

Will my baby sleep through the night with this?

  • No, no baby will ‘sleep through the night,’ especially in the first 3 months. Sorry!
  • The MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet can help soothe and comfort baby, which can help them start connecting sleep cycles, and allow them to sleep for longer stretches, as they get older.