Baby Swings and Rockers

Entertain and comfort baby while you get stuff done with the MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing and RockaRoo Baby Rocker. The 4moms baby swings and rockers feature natural motions that babies love. Choose from a range of fabrics, patterns and accessories to customize your baby swing and rocker.

color grey classic baby swing
NEW mamaRoo® multi-motion baby swing™ Hover Image

NEW mamaRoo® multi-motion baby swing™

More Colors +2


More Colors +2

The NEW MamaRoo is the only baby swing mimics parents’ natural rhythms and movements to become the most familiar space to safely put your baby down when they can’t be in your arms. 

rockaRoo® baby rocker
rockaRoo® baby rocker Hover Image

rockaRoo® baby rocker


The RockaRoo® Baby Rocker’s unique base design creates a rhythmic front-to-back motion baby loves.

color grey classic baby rocker with motion
rockaRoo® baby rocker (now with safety strap fastener) Hover Image

rockaRoo® baby rocker (now with safety strap fastener)

More Colors +0


More Colors +0

Front to back gliding motion babies love.

Why Infant Swings are Great for Babies

Newborn baby swings are vital tools for caregivers. The best baby rockers and swings offer newborns and growing babies a safe and comfortable space that moves just like parents do. Electric swings and baby rockers like the 4moms® MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing and the RockaRoo® both use motions and noises that mimic womb-like conditions and soothe and relax your little one. Read more here to see how you can give your arms a break, while still bringing comfort to your baby with the best baby swings for newborns.

Benefits of Using a Baby Swing or Rocker

Why do parents see newborn swings as essentials for their baby registry? Because, as your baby grows and adapts to the new world around them, baby swings and rockers for infants are able to keep them comforted and moving in a way that mimics the womb. These swings for newborn babies also give your arms a break while keeping your little one safe and entertained. Read more about the benefits of using an infant swing here.

4moms® Swings and Rockers for Your Family

At 4moms, we design products that give parents an extra helping hand. The motions, range of speeds, and sound-enabled settings of our MamaRoo® and RockaRoo® swings for infants create a safe and happy place for your little one—and bring a little extra comfort for you.