Do I Need a Baby Swing? 6 Mamaroo Baby Swing Benefits

When you start planning all the things you need to prepare for your new baby’s arrival, the list of essentials feels never-ending—bottles, diapers, clothes, a crib, a changing table, a rocker, a stroller, and a car seat. After a while, you might start to wonder, “Is a baby swing worth it?” or “Can a newborn use a swing?”. 

As you’re deciding what you need and what you don’t, don’t cross off the one piece of baby gear that many parents swear by a baby swing. Take a look at the six benefits of swinging to understand why for so many parents, the answer to the questions, “Do I need a baby swing” and “Is the MamaRoo worth it?” is a resounding YES! Here are some benefits of using a MamaRoo baby swing. 

Mimics the Womb

After nine months of being rocked and jiggled around in the womb, new babies crave similar sounds and motions to help them adjust to life in the world. The comforting rocking and bouncing of a MamaRoo swing by 4moms can recreate that womblike environment to comfort your baby. Look for a swing that plays sounds that remind babies of the muffled sounds they continually heard before they were born.

Keeps Your Baby in Constant Motion

Even after they’ve adjusted to life outside the womb, many babies still love being in constant motion—and a MamaRoo swing provides the continuous rocking movement that calms babies when they’re fussy. Every baby is calmed by a different speed and range of motion, so swings that offer a variety of settings, like the 4moms MamaRoo Mulit-Motion Swing that features five unique motions and five-speed options for a total of 25 different combinations – will provide the greatest versatility.

Keeps Your Baby Entertained

Many swings have a mobile with dangling toys that will fascinate and entertain your baby. As you’re choosing a baby swing, keep in mind that newborns can’t distinguish subtle color differences, but they can see light and dark color contrasts. So a mobile with bold, contrasting colors will be easier for your baby to focus on – and it can strengthen their eyesight.

Can Help Ease Colic

You can use your MamaRoo for colic. One in five babies suffers from colic: when an otherwise healthy baby cries excessively and can’t be calmed. Many parents of colicky babies find that a swing is the only thing that can ease their baby’s constant crying. While the causes of colic are unknown, some experts believe that acid reflux plays a factor and that the upright position of the swing seat and the swinging motion can ease symptoms. 

Gives Your Arms a Break

If you’re unsure of when to use a baby swing, your arms getting tired is a telltale sign. Babies love to be held and rocked in their parent’s arms, but you can’t hold your baby 24/7. When you need to get stuff done or give your arms a rest, a baby swing provides a safe place for you to put your baby down where they’ll be happy and content.

Keep Your Baby Nearby

One of the benefits of a baby swing that you can easily move from room to room is that your baby can always be a part of the action. Pull it into the kitchen at dinnertime or the living room during family movie night so your baby can happily swing away while the whole family is together.

With all these benefits, a baby 4moms MamaRoo swing is an essential purchase for new parents that can keep your baby happy—and make your life easier. As with all baby equipment, be sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to be certain you’re using your baby swing safely and correctly.