10 Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home: DIY Newborn Photos

You know what they say about parenting: the days are long but the years are short.

This is particularly true during the early days and weeks at home with a newborn. Between the near-constant feedings and long nights, it can sometimes seem like the minutes and hours are crawling by. But before you know it, your teeny baby will be sleeping through the night, smiling and laughing, transitioning to solid foods, scooting around the house, and reaching other monthly milestones.

You’ll want to celebrate and remember these moments forever—starting with the newborn days—because believe it or not, over time all these magical moments will blur together, and a photo will help bring back the memories.

Capturing these moments doesn’t have to be a big expense. In this guide, you’ll learn how to easily DIY newborn photos and create beautiful, professional-looking images. Read on for our baby photoshoot ideas at home and how to get stunning results, no professional equipment required.

How to Do Your Own Baby Photoshoot at Home

Professional photographers know that for frame-worthy photos, the right lighting is key. When you’re planning a DIY newborn photoshoot, approach it like a pro and remember natural light is best. Choose a spot in your home that gets plenty of natural sunlight and try to time your shoot for the golden hours of early morning or just before sunset. Turn off lamps and other sources of artificial light, which can cause harsh shadows.

Thanks to technology, it’s no longer necessary to have fancy equipment to take pro-level DIY newborn photos. You’ll just need a good camera and a tripod or a smartphone that has a camera with features like high-resolution sensors, optical image stabilization, and multi-lens systems. 

You want the focus to be on your baby, so pick a clean, simple background with no unnecessary items that distract from your little one—it can be as easy as arranging your baby on a plain, unpatterned blanket or cloth on the floor or in their 4moms® Breeze® Go Playard, which provides a clean, safe, and stylish space to photograph your baby.

The nursery is another great baby photoshoot idea at home. Freshen up the space with decorative pillows or place your baby in the MamaRoo® Baby Swing—the MamaRoo® Baby Swing Down To Earth™ Color Collection provides the ideal on-trend background, with three new neutral colors inspired by the organic hues found in nature, plus it keeps baby safe and entertained so they are photoshoot ready. 

Regardless of where you choose to take the DIY newborn photos, always prioritize your baby's safety. Make sure any props are stable and secure, and if you use pillows or stuffed animals in the picture be sure to remove them from your baby’s space as soon as you’ve snapped your shot.

Posing Ideas for a Baby Photoshoot at Home

Your newborn can’t strike a pose or smile on cue, but these 4 tips and tricks for your DIY newborn photoshoot can increase the likelihood of capturing a picture-perfect moment:

  1. Start with simple poses that are natural and comfortable for your baby. Remember that posing a newborn requires patience and a gentle touch, so take your time and move slowly to avoid startling or hurting your baby. 
  2. If your baby is warm and comfortable they’re more likely to be calm and cooperative for photos. Make sure they’re dressed appropriately for the temperature and season; the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends a single layer of clothing for temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or above, and suggests dressing your baby in several layers, such as an undershirt, diapers, pajamas, or sleep sack, when it’s cooler. 
  3. Use soothing tools and gear to keep your baby calm and content, like the 4moms® MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet which has gentle rocking motions that soothe your baby, so you can capture adorable sleepy poses. 
  4. Snap DIY newborn photos from a variety of angles so you have a cohesive series of images to add to your photo collection.

10 DIY Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Need some inspiration to get you started? We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite baby photoshoot ideas at home, plus a shot list for each set up so you’re sure to capture the best poses. Try one…or a few! 

  • In the Nursery: Lay the baby in their crib with a clean, neutral blanket and a few soft toys. 
    Shot List: Overhead shots of the baby sleeping, close-ups of tiny feet and hands, and wide shots of the baby in the crib. 
  • On Your Bed: Drape a white or light-colored duvet over your bed to create a crisp, clean background. Fluff the pillows and clear any clutter from nightstands. 
    Shot List: Full-body shots of your swaddled baby, close-ups of the baby’s face, and family shots with you and your partner lying next to the baby. 
  • Tummy Time: For this baby photoshoot idea at home, arrange a soft or faux fur blanket on the floor and place the baby on the blanket on their tummy. 
    Shot List: Close-ups of the baby’s face, and wide shots capturing the baby’s whole body. 
  • Baby in a Basket: Line a wicker basket with a soft blanket and gently place the baby inside. 
    Shot List: Overhead shots of the baby in the basket, and close-ups of the baby’s peaceful face. 
  • Celebrate the Season: Lay your baby on a plain blanket surrounded by seasonal decorations—think sparkly stars for the Fourth of July, colorful leaves for autumn, holiday ornaments, or spring blooms. 
    Shot List: Snap a whole body shot of your baby laying on their back, surrounded by the decorations. 
  • Family Affair: Place your baby on a soft blanket, then pose older siblings around them, or carefully place them on an older sibling’s lap. 
    Shot List: Catching candid interactions between the siblings, close-ups of the baby with a sibling’s protective embrace, and wide shots that capture the sibling bond are key for this DIY baby photoshoot idea at home. 
  • Parent and Baby: Get into the picture! Snuggle baby close or lie down with the baby on your chest. 
    Shot List: Capture intimate moments between parents and baby, such as gentle kisses on the baby’s forehead or holding the baby’s tiny hands. When you’re editing these DIY newborn photos, try to blur the background so the focus is on you and your baby. 
  • Using the 4moms® Breeze® Go: The 4moms® Breeze® Go Playard provides a safe and stylish backdrop for baby pics. Lay your baby on the mattress and start snapping photos. 
    Shot List: Overhead shots of the baby in the playard, close-ups of the baby playing, and wide shots showing the entire playard setup. 
  • Black and WhiteClassic black-and-white images never go out of style. Capture a timeless moment using simple backgrounds and minimal props. 
    Shot List: Get close-ups of the baby’s features, such as hands, feet, and face, to emphasize the timeless quality of black-and-white photography. 
  • Just Like Mommy or Daddy: Have a favorite shot of mom or dad as a baby?
    Shot List: Recreate it as a DIY newborn photoshoot with your baby, using a similar outfit, colors, props, and poses and display the photos side by side.

Editing Your DIY Newborn Photos

Skillful editing can take an okay photo from good to great. Not so sure of your editing skills? Try this: 

  • Use apps like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to adjust lighting and colors. 
  • Apply filters to enhance the overall look of your images. 
  • Crop and straighten your photos for a polished finish. 

Once you’ve mastered the art of shooting and editing, use your skills to celebrate all of your baby’s milestones and special occasions with other baby photoshoot ideas at home, such as baby's first birthday with fun baby smash cake ideas. And share your beautiful photos with loved ones by incorporating them into special announcements.

A DIY Newborn Photoshoot Lets You Capture All the Special Moments

Someday you’ll look back on this time and it will be hard to believe your baby was ever so small. Our DIY baby photoshoot ideas at home and tips for capturing the special moments will help you make sure the photoshoot goes off without a hitch. Get creative and make this day a fun and memorable experience!

As you’re planning, remember that 4moms products like the Breeze Go® Playard, MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing®, and the MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet help baby stay safe, entertained, and at ease so you can make photo magic.

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