6 Simple Steps To Transition From The mamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet To The Crib

by Carolynne J. Harvey, Baby Sleep Expert, Author and founder of Dream Baby Sleep®

The MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet can work like a dream for helping your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. When you’re ready to start thinking about the transition from the rocking bassinet to the crib, it can be a gradual process with minimal—if any—disruption to your baby’s sleep. This can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks by following a consistent routine. Here are six simple steps.

    1. Start with night sleep.
      Thanks to rising levels of melatonin in the evening, your baby’s drive for sleep is greater at bedtime than it is for naps during the day. Start with weaning your baby off of the bassinet’s settings for night sleep first, and then move onto naps.

    2. Reduce the speed.
      Gradually reduce the speed you’re using when the motion is on. Lower the speed until it’s at the lowest setting or your baby is able to sleep with it completely off.

    3. Slowly remove the motion.
      After your baby’s bedtime routine, place her to sleep in the bassinet without motion. Continue using white noise for all sleep, and continue swaddling your baby. (Discontinue the use of the swaddle when she starts to roll over, or can break free). If your baby doesn’t fall asleep within a few minutes, turn on her preferred motion settings. As she begins to settle, turn those features off and give your baby the opportunity to fall asleep without them or you can turn them off after she’s fully asleep.

    4. Try other sooting techniques.
      When your baby wakes at night, try soothing your baby without turning the bassinet’s features on. You can try gently patting her tummy, using a shushing sound, or feeding if needed. If she doesn’t fall back to sleep, turn your baby’s preferred bassinet settings on until she’s almost or fully asleep and then turn them off. Repeat, as needed, for any wakeups during the night.

    5. Naps are next.
      Once your baby has adjusted to sleeping in the bassinet without any motion for nights, repeat the process for discontinuing using those features for naps, too.

    6. Head to the crib.
      At bedtime, place your baby to sleep in her crib. If she wakes during the night, try getting her back to sleep using soothing techniques such as patting, shushing, or feeding. If she doesn’t fall back to sleep in her crib, you can transfer her to the mamaRoo sleep bassinet. Once she’s sleeping well in her crib at night, repeat the process for naps until all of her sleep occurs in the crib. (Note that the mamaRoo sleep bassinet is approved for use from birth to 25lbs or until babies can push up on their hands and knees, whichever comes first).