12 Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas To Get the Party Started

Baby showers are a beautiful tradition that bring friends and family together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new life. Typically held a few months before the birth of a child, it’s a party where friends and family gather to “shower” parents-to-be with gifts, support, and well-wishes as they prepare for their new baby.

If you’re hosting a shower, you need to choose a menu and decide on décor. But amid all this planning, don't forget to plan some fun baby shower activities, which provide entertainment but also help to break the ice between all your guests. From classic games that have stood the test of time and creative challenges that spark laughter to sentimental crafts and projects, we’ve rounded up the best baby shower game ideas to get the party started.

Baby Shower Icebreaker Game Ideas

A typical shower guest list includes people from all different walks of the parents-to-be life: family and in-laws, work friends and neighbors, college pals and cousins. Icebreaker games are meant to “warm up the room, encouraging guests who’ve never met to mingle and laugh together Whether you're throwing a baby shower in the winter, spring, summer, or fall, these two easy (but fun!) baby shower games ideas are a great way to kick off the celebration:

Guess Who? (Baby Photo Edition)
What You'll Need: Baby photos of each guest, paper and pens 
How to Play: Include a note on the invitation asking each guest to include a baby photo of themselves along with their RSVP. Display the photos around the room, hand each guest a list, and have them guess who’s who. The first to complete the list correctly or get the most right answers wins. 

Find the Guest 
What You'll Need: A fun fact about each guest, paper and pens 
How to Play: Ask each guest to include a fun fact about themselves with their RSVP. Print the facts on a numbered list and have the guests mingle and chat to figure out which “fun fact” goes with each guest. 

What are Fun Games to Play at a Baby Shower?

Need some more ideas for baby shower games? From laughter-inducing games like bobbing for pacifiers to the thoughtful crafting of a keepsake quilt, these six baby shower activities are interactive and fun ways for the new parents-to-be and guests to face off and have some fun.

Bobbing for Pacifiers 
What You'll Need: Bowls, water, pacifiers 
How to Play: This baby shower game idea is like bobbing for apples, baby style! For each guest, float a pacifier in a bowl filled with water and have them “bob” for the pacifier.  

Diaper Change Relay Race
What You'll Need: Dolls or stuffed animals, diapers
How to Play: Divide the guests into equal teams and hand each team a doll and a stack of diapers. Set up a diaper changing station at the end of the room and line up the teams at the other; each guest takes their turn, relay style, to run the doll to the changing station, change its diaper, then run back and pass it off to the next person in line.

Decorate the Onesie 
What You'll Need: Onesies, fabric markers or paint
How to Play: Let guests unleash their inner fashion designer with a onesie crafting station. Not only is this one of the best baby shower games because guests will have fun creating something new, but also the parents-to-be will build a one-of-a-kind wardrobe for their little one. 
Make a Baby Quilt 
What You'll Need: Fabric squares, fabric markers 
How to Play: Want another fun (and practical) baby shower activity? Have guests decorate fabric squares; after the shower, piece the squares together into a sentimental keepsake quilt that will literally wrap the baby with love.
Don't Say Baby 
What You'll Need: Clothespins 
How to Play: Give each guest a clothespin when they arrive. The rule for this baby shower game idea is simple: during the shower, they’re not allowed to say the word "baby." If one guest hears another guest say "baby," they can steal their pin. At the end of the shower, the guest with the most pins wins a prize.

Play Dough Babies 
What You'll Need: Play dough 
How to Play: Why should kids get to have all the fun? Give each guest a tub of play dough and challenge them to sculpt the cutest play dough baby. Want to make it extra challenging? Make them sculpt the dough blindfolded!

Laugh-Out-Loud Baby Shower Game Ideas

Fill the room with laughter! These baby shower games ideas encourage guests to let loose and enjoy some light-hearted fun.

What Am I? – Baby Edition 
What You'll Need: Note cards printed with assorted baby items, tape 
How to Play: As each guest arrives, tape one of the notecards printed with a baby item on their back. As guests mingle, they should work together to give each other clues that help each guest guess the name of the baby item on their back. 

Baby Food Guessing Game 
What You'll Need: Jars of baby food, spoons, blindfolds 
How to Play: Test guests’ palates with a blind taste test of a variety of baby foods. Whoever guesses the most flavors is the winner. 

Sentimental Games for a Baby Shower

Baby showers should be fun—but you also may want some activities that touch the hearts of everyone there. These sentimental yet fun baby shower games invite guests to share their hopes, dreams, and advice for the baby's future.

Wishes for Baby 
What You'll Need: "Wishes for Baby" cards, pens 
How to Play: Set up a station stocked with cards, pens, and markers where each guest can write down their hopes and wishes for the baby for the parents to read later. (Dare them not to cry!) 

Baby Time Capsule 
What You'll Need: Keepsake box, pens, paper 
How to Play: A riff on Wishes for Baby, this baby shower game idea has guests write notes for the baby to read when they’re older. Collect all the notes in a pretty box that’s labeled with “Do Not Open until 20XX” so the baby has a record of all the love that welcomed them into the world.

What Are Good Prizes For Baby Shower Games?

  • Gift Cards: Give guest the freedom to choose their own treats with gift cards to local stores, coffee shops, or restaurants. 
  • Spa Essentials:  Goodies like bath bombs, scented candles, or luxurious hand creams pamper your guests with a little relaxation and self-care.  
  • Baby-Themed Goodies: The party is all about the baby, so why not make the prizes all about baby too, with cute baby-themed keychains, picture frames, or plush toys that are a sweet memento of the day. 
  • DIY Gifts: Whether it's homemade jams, knitted booties, or hand-poured candles, prizes that come from the heart are always a hit.

These baby shower game ideas can make a shower more fun, but when you’re planning a shower, be sure to think beyond the fun baby shower games to make choices that will make the party extra special for the parents to be. Need ideas for the just-right baby shower gift. Check out 4moms.com for baby gear that makes parenting easier.