21 Sunny Summer Baby Shower Themes & Ideas For 2024!

It’s the season of fun—and the perfect time for a summer baby shower to welcome a little bundle of joy! We put together some bright ideas for a summer-themed baby shower that bring the fun, sun, and joy of summer to your next celebration.

Why Choose a Summer Baby Shower Theme?

While there’s no bad time to have a baby shower (just check out our awesome ideas for winter baby showers!), a summer baby shower has lots of built-in advantages. Warmer weather means you can take the party outside, making it easier to comfortably accommodate a larger guest list. And summer organically lends itself to festive themes and vibrant, natural décor like bright blossoms and sun-drenched hues—and most themes lend well to a summer gender-neutral baby shower, so the possibilities are endless! Even better? Fresh seasonal foods and games add to the festive atmosphere.

Top 20 Summer Baby Shower Ideas

  1. Sunny Citrus Bash: “Orange” you glad baby’s on the way? Use sun-drenched oranges and yellows with bright white accents to set the stage for this vibrant, energetic summer baby shower theme. Perfect for outdoor settings drenched in natural sunlight, these colors reflect the warmth and sweetness of a summer day. 
  2. Tropical Paradise: Lush greenery, bright florals, and tropical fruits instantly give any location a tropical island vibe that transports your guests to an exotic locale. Give them a taste of the tropics with a menu of kebabs, coconut shrimp, mango, pineapple and mai tai-style mocktails—complete with umbrellas, of course. (This is a shower after all!).  
  3. Nautical Navigator: The parents-to-be are about to set sail for their greatest adventure, so give them a maritime-themed send off! For this summer baby shower idea, incorporate decorative elements like anchors, ropes, and navy-blue stripes that evoke a cool, breezy coastal feel. 
  4. Garden Tea Party: Bring on the romance with a garden party. Set the stage for this summer baby shower theme with soft pastels and floral patterns and your best china to create an elegant outdoor setting that welcomes guests.   
  5. Rustic Country Fair: Is modern farmhouse more the parents-to-be’s style? Lean into natural materials like wood, burlap, twinkly lights, and mason jars to create a homey, nostalgic vibe that’s great for family-friendly gatherings. Set up a popcorn station with a chalkboard sign that says “Ready to POP!” and serve fried chicken, corn on the cob, lemonade and other fair-food favorites.  
  6. Beachside Bliss: Make a splash for a beach baby with sand, shells, and shades of blue, and string paper lanterns from the ceiling to look like bubbles. This serene, beachy atmosphere strikes the perfect vibe for an informal summer baby shower.  
  7. Modern Art Splash: Go bold with primary colors and geometric shapes that create a playfully contemporary and artistic setting. It’s an ideal theme for an urban, indoor shower and appeals to couples with a stylish, modern aesthetic. 
  8. Vintage Picnic: Red checkered blankets, picnic baskets, and mason jars filled with daisies set the scene for a laid-back, nostalgia-rich summer-themed baby shower in a local park or garden. Set up a buffet with an assortment of grab-and-go sandwiches, pies, potato salad, and juicy watermelon wedges. 
  9. Boho Festival: If you’re celebrating an earth momma, a free-spirited boho celebration fits the bill. Think earth tones, like those found in the new Down To Earth™ MamaRoo® Color Collection, and flower garlands to create the best summer baby shower for mom-to-be. 
  10. Sunset BBQ: If you’re planning an evening gathering, Mother Nature will provide all the décor you need with a glorious sunset. Break out the grill and keep the food casual—we’re talking juicy barbecued ribs, pulled pork, or classic burgers and brats.   
  11. Starlight Soiree: Is there anything as perfect as a summer night? Pair navy and gold decor with twinkling lights to recreate a starry night sky that celebrates the star that is about to be born. 
  12. Watermelon Wonder: A sweet baby is on the way—so get ready to welcome them with one of the sweetest summer baby shower themes. Create a watermelon balloon arch with bright green and vibrant pink balloons for an Instagrammable moment, and sneak sweet juicy watermelon into every dish on the menu—watermelon salad, watermelon kebabs, even watermelon lemonade. You can even carve a watermelon into a baby carriage for a whimsical (and tasty!) fruit salad centerpiece.  
  13. Sunflower Field Day: “You are my sunshine” is a classic lullaby—and vivid sunflowers are a natural way to bring this sweet song to life. Arrange bouquets of cheery sunflowers in pitchers and serve cupcakes decorated to look like sunflowers.  
  14. Desert Oasis: Cacti have been having a moment lately, but there’s nothing prickly about this cute, summer gender-neutral baby shower theme. Create a calm, natural setting with an assortment of cacti in terracotta pots—and give each guest a baby cactus to take home with them as a favor at the end of the shower. 
  15. Floral Fantasy: Bring on the summer blossoms! Create an immersive environment with dense floral arrangements in vibrant colors that leaves guests feel like they’re walking through a blooming garden. 
  16. Surf’s Up Celebration: There’ll be a baby on board soon (see what we did there?)—so what could be more fitting than a surfing celebration? This is an epic summer baby shower idea, with surfboards, beach balls, and wave motifs that evoke the laid-back vibe of beach life. 
  17. Butterfly Garden: Long a symbol of hope and rebirth, clouds of butterflies are a lovely way to celebrate the birth of a little one—and the transformation from happy couple to blissful parenthood. Create a whimsical setting with delicate pastel tones, loads of flowers, and fluttering paper butterflies hung from the ceiling. 
  18. Ice Cream Social: Guests old, young, and anywhere in between will melt over a sweet, vintage ice cream social summer-themed baby shower. Set out an assortment of classic sauces and toppings and a variety of dreamy, creamy ice cream flavors for a make-your-own sundae bar. 
  19. Americana Cookout: Bring on the red, white and blue for a traditional, all-American summer baby shower! Host your gathering over a holiday weekend and drape flags and bunting everywhere to set the tone for patriotic fun. 
  20. Enchanted Forest: Help the parents-to-be prepare for their happily ever after with a fairy tale-style gathering. Fairy lights, woodland décor, gnomes, and mushrooms create an enchanted forest setting that’s totally on trend.

Planning Your Summer Baby Shower

You’ve chosen the perfect summer baby shower theme. Now it’s time to make it happen! No matter what theme you choose, you’ll need the right venue, the right menu, and some fun activities:

The Venue 
Where you choose to host a summer baby shower is just as important as the theme. While smaller gatherings can be hosted at a friend or family member’s home, if you have a large guest list you’ll probably need more space to accommodate everyone, like the parents-to-be favorite restaurant or a local park. Wherever you choose, make sure outdoor areas offer plenty of shade and indoor spots are well air conditioned and easily accessible for all your guests.  

Many baby shower gifts like playards and swings come in big boxes that take up lots of space, so be sure there’s a spot you can designate for presents. (And speaking of gifts, be sure the guest of honor completes their baby registry before the invitations are mailed so guests have plenty of time to pick the perfect present for the new baby.)

The Food
Choose menus that align with summer baby shower themes, but be sure to keep food safety in mind, especially if you’re hosting a party outdoors on a hot summer day. Keep hot food at safe temperatures by serving directly from the grill, heated chafing dishes, a slow cooker, or warming trays, and serve room temperature or cold foods from coolers and insulated containers or nestled over ice.

The Fun
What’s a summer baby shower without games? Get inspired by our list of fun baby shower games that will break the ice and get guests mingling and laughing.

Get Creative With Summer Baby Shower Themes

Summer is the ideal season for a bright and lively baby shower—and one of our creative summer baby shower ideas is sure to be the perfect choice to celebrate a brand-new baby. As you’re planning, remember that the right gifts, gear, and decorations will make it a celebration to remember!