How to Choose the Right Playard for Your Baby

What’s the one piece of baby gear that you can use as a place for your baby to sleep, play, and get changed—whether you’re at home or on the road? If you guessed a portable baby playard, you guessed right!

A playard is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of baby gear that new parents can have. Not only can you set it up to be an all-in-one care station in any room of your house, but it’s also great for when you’re traveling or if you just need a spare set up at the grandparents’ house. But not all playards are created equal and there are a few ways to choose the right one. As you shop for a portable playard for your baby, ask yourself these five questions to make sure your choice offers the must-have features and functionality you need: 

Is it Easy to Fold?

Foldability is the key to a useful playard. If it’s challenging to set up or move from room to room, you likely won’t use it as much. For the ultimate in convenience, choose a playard you can open and close with one hand.

Is it Travel-Friendly?

The right playard can take some of the stress out of traveling with a baby. Whether you’re taking a weekend trip to see the grandparents or relaxing on vacation, a portable playard can provide a safe and comfortable place for your baby to play and sleep when you’re away from home. When you’re picking a playard, consider how easy it will be not just to open and close, but also to maneuver around a crowded hotel or guest room. And bonus points if the playard comes with a travel bag that makes packing and transporting a breeze.

Is it Sturdy?

You’ll want to use your baby playard a lot and for a long time, so pick one that’s sturdy enough to last as your baby grows. A portable playard is meant to be moved from room to room and opened and closed regularly, so avoid flimsy models that can’t stand up to being repeatedly folded and unfolded, moved from room to room, and packed up.

Does it Have the Attachments We Need?

You can get a basic playard if all you need is a safe place for your baby to play—but you may be missing out on a lot of functionality. Instead, consider attachments that will make it a more versatile piece of gear, like a bassinet that provides a safe spot for your newborn to nap or sleep anywhere, or a flip changer that transforms the playard into an all-in-one baby care station wherever you need it and can be easily moved out of the way when your baby is using the playard.

Will it Fit in with Our Décor?

A lot of playards come in adorable prints or pastel colors—and while they make look super cute in the store, ask yourself how it will look in your home. You may prefer a playard with a more sophisticated, neutral, minimalist design that matches your style and will better blend into your surroundings. 

The right playard will come in handy and can provide so much more than a portable, safe, and comfortable place for your baby to play and sleep. Once you’ve asked yourself these key question, you shop with confidence and be certain you’ve picked the playard that’s right for you!