5 Ways to Use a Portable Playard (Some May Surprise You!)

You probably already know that you need a portable playard to give your baby a safe, contained space to play—but did you know that if you choose the right playard it can be the most versatile piece of baby gear you own? Check out our list of five “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” ways to use a playard, from birth until your baby is on the move.

In Your Bedroom

It’s recommended that you have your baby sleep in your bedroom (on a separate sleep surface) for at least six months. A playard with a bassinet attachment makes it easy to create a separate sleep space with a firm, flat surface in your room. 

While Traveling

“Pack lightly” is a piece of advice that goes right out the window when you’re traveling with a baby. But you can take some of the hassle out of transporting all that gear by packing a portable playard that’s easy to set up and put away, like the 4moms Breeze GO Playard, which opens and closes in one easy step. You can use the playard for sleeping, playing and as a safe place to put your baby down if the place you’re staying has not been fully baby-proofed. And pro packing tip: choose a playard that comes with a travel bag to make it easier to pack and carry.

As a Changing Station

You won’t want to have to race to the nursery every time your little one needs a fresh diaper or outfit—especially if the nursery is upstairs. Many playards include a changing station attachment so you can set up a secondary changing area in your main living area. For maximum convenience, choose a portable playard with storage accessories that you can stock with diapers and wipes, diaper cream, an extra outfit or two, hand sanitizer and a pacifier or rattle to distract your baby during changings.

Play Time and Nap Time

A portable playard that’s easy to move from room-to-room gives you a safe space to put your baby down to play when you need your hands free but want to keep him or her in sight.  When your baby is about five months old, you can start using the playard for independent play—dedicated time you set aside each day for your baby to play on their own, which helps foster self-reliance, creativity and imagination. Playards are also a convenient (and cozy) spot to lay your baby down for midday naps.

Take it Outside

Enjoy a beautiful day with your baby! Set the playard up on your backyard deck or patio (pick a place out of the direct sun) so your baby can breathe in the fresh air and watch the clouds roll by. Just be sure the playard is set up on a sturdy, flat surface and remember that it should never be used in grass or sand.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping for baby gear. There are so many portable playard uses. This one piece of gear can double as a second crib, a travel bed, a changing station, and so much more!