20 Beautiful Gender Neutral Nursery Themes & Ideas For Your Baby

The countdown is on! As you prepare for your baby’s arrival and homecoming, decorating the nursery is one of the most fun to-dos to cross off your list—especially because modern nursery designs aren’t limited to a stereotypical choice of pink, blue, or yellow. Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between, these days you can create a baby nursery that reflects your own personal style.

One of the top trends in nursery design is a gender-neutral space. Whether you want a gender-neutral nursery because you’re keeping your baby’s sex a surprise, you don’t want to impose gender norms, or you just want a space that you can use for future children,  gender-neutral nursery themes are a popular choice for a room that will grow with your baby—and it offers lots of options to create a chic and creative nursery for your little one.

Modern Ideas for a Neutral-Themed Nursery

Not sure where to start? Check out these five gender-neutral nursery themes that we love.

1. Take a Look in a Book

Find inspiration for your baby’s neutral nursery ideas in the pages of a favorite children’s book. Classics like Where the Wild Things Are, Guess How Much I Love You, or The Very Hungry Caterpillar provide lots of design elements you can weave into the room. Start with a color palette inspired by the book—think bright, primary hues for The Very Hungry Caterpillar, pretty pastels for Guess How Much I Love You, or muted tones for a Where the Wild Things Are theme—and fill in with textiles, rugs, stuffed animals, and art prints.

Alternatively, you can go with a general book theme and frame art from your favorite kids’ books to hang on the walls. Etsy is a great resource for affordable yet unique nursery art, and many of the artists can customize or personalize pieces just for your gender-neutral nursery.

If you opt for a book-themed neutral nursery, ask baby shower guests to bring their favorite children’s book with a personalized inscription to add to your baby’s library.

2. Bring the Forest In

Want unisex nursery ideas that celebrate the great outdoors? A woodland theme can create a chic yet welcoming space for your baby. Start with neutral beige and green walls and floor coverings, then layer in a tree motif with wall decals and faux branches artfully placed throughout the room. For the finishing touch, hang sweet, framed photographs of baby bunnies, deer, owls, or other adorable woodland creatures.

3. Take Inspiration from a Favorite Tune

Create a gorgeous modern gender-neutral nursery design with a “You Are My Sunshine” theme. Use subtle whites and greys for walls and floor coverings and bring in bold, sunshiny hues through textiles, décor, and bedding with a sun and hearts motif. Complete the room with a “You Are My Sunshine” banner.

4. Go Bold

Break free of the pastel palette of most nursery designs and boldly go with a rich, dark wall color for a sophisticated look: think deep greens, blues, or plums. You can lighten things up with white or light-toned baby furniture, colorful bedding and window treatments, and playful décor, such as a lucite lamp and wicker baskets. Not only is this a stylish neutral nursery idea that can blend with the rest of your home, it’s a practical one that lets you layer on items to personalize the room as you get to know your baby and learn what he or she likes.

5. Look to the Sky

Puffy white clouds and twinkling stars are a dreamy theme for a minimalist neutral nursery. Choose a soft, crisp grey for the walls, a simple white crib and dresser, and gauzy window coverings that let in a lot of natural light (you can mount a simple blackout shade on the window frame to block light for nap times). Complete the look with a fluffy white rug, a cloud mobile, and some gentle twinkle lights to illuminate the room at night.

6. Minimalist Scandi

Embrace the clean lines and functionality of Scandinavian design in your neutral-themed nursery for a minimalist Scandi look. A monochrome palette with touches of wood adds warmth, while simple geometric patterns and soft textures create a serene, clutter-free environment perfect for your little one.

7. Rustic Retreat 

Channel the tranquility of nature with a rustic retreat nursery, incorporating elements like reclaimed wood, natural fibers, and a neutral color scheme. Outdoor-inspired decor, such as animal prints and landscape art, adds character to this peaceful space. Textured linens and cozy throws bring warmth and comfort, inviting endless snuggles and stories. A vintage rocking chair or a rustic crib can anchor the room, blending functionality with timeless style.

8. All-White Wonderland

Design an all-white wonderland gender-neutral nursery to achieve a pristine, serene, and clean aesthetic. The luminous mix of white and cream hues provides a perfect backdrop for your baby's growth and learning, promoting tranquility and rest with each passing year.

9. Boho Chic 

Mix textures, patterns, and soft colors to create a cozy and eclectic boho chic neutral-themed nursery. Macrame wall hangings, rattan furniture, and layered rugs contribute to the space's warm and inviting atmosphere, reflecting a modern bohemian lifestyle. Incorporate pops of greenery to bring life and a sense of calm into the nursery, and use eclectic, global accents to foster a sense of creativity and wonder. Soft lighting and playful pillows ensure the space feels welcoming at all hours.

10. Elegant Patterns 

Elevate your nursery with an elegant patterns theme, showcasing a sophisticated mix of patterns within a beige and neutral color scheme. This neutral baby room idea adds warmth and dimension, creating a cozy and inviting space for your little one.

11. Seaside Serenity 

Create a tranquil, seaside serenity nursery inspired by the calm of the beach. For this gender-neutral nursery theme, use beachy prints, a beaded chandelier, and a variety of woods and textures evoke a soothing, coastal atmosphere that's visually appealing and comforting.

12. Celestial Dreams Nursery: 

Draw inspiration from the night sky for a celestial dreams neutral nursery theme, using celestial patterns and motifs like moons, stars, and galaxies. A palette of navy, silver, and grey complements the dreamy, star-studded atmosphere. Add a moon-shaped night light or star projector to bring the celestial theme to life, creating a magical environment for bedtime. Soft, plush textures in bedding and rugs make the room a cozy haven for stargazing and sweet dreams.

13. Ocean Explorer Nursery: 

Celebrate the mystery of the ocean with an ocean explorer-themed unisex nursery idea. Shades of blue, aqua, and sandy neutrals, along with decor featuring oceanic creatures and seascapes, create a calming, exploratory feel.

14. Global Traveler Nursery: 

Foster a sense of adventure with a global traveler theme. Maps, globes, and travel-inspired decor from various cultures encourage curiosity and a love for exploration in this worldly space. Vintage suitcases or travel trunks can serve as unique storage solutions, while cultural artifacts make for meaningful decor that tells stories of far-flung places. A global neutral-themed nursery prepares your little explorer for a lifetime of adventures.

15. Chic Bunny Motifs

Incorporate the gentle essence of bunny prints into your gender-neutral nursery for a touch of softness amidst a modern, industrial vibe. Chic bunny motifs blended with a neutral palette transform the space into a sophisticated yet dreamy haven. Plush bunny toys and rabbit-themed bedding add a layer of comfort and playfulness, perfect for cuddly moments and sweet dreams. Custom bunny artwork can personalize the space, making it feel unique and special.

16. Geometric Balance

Achieve a modern, geometric balance nursery with bold shapes and patterns. Mixing and matching different geometric prints in a cohesive color scheme creates a dynamic and visually stimulating environment for your child.

17. Safari Adventure 

Embark on a wild adventure with earth tones, animal prints, and natural textures that create an adventurous yet soothing space filled with animal figurines and safari-inspired art. Add a tent or canopy to simulate a safari lodge, making imaginative play irresistible. The finishing touch on this gender-neutral nursery theme? Woven baskets and wooden accents, which offer practical storage with a touch of the wilderness.

18. Whimsical Woodland 

Create a magical whimsical woodland neutral nursery featuring forest animals, mushrooms, and fairy-tale elements. Earthy tones and pops of color make for a whimsical yet grounded environment that enchants and delights.

19. Zen Serenity 

Design a peaceful retreat with a zen serenity theme. Minimalistic design, soothing colors, and natural elements like bamboo and stones, along with a water feature or sound machine, offer tranquility and a serene escape. A low-profile crib and simplistic furnishings emphasize the calm, uncluttered feel, while soft, ambient lighting fosters a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation and mindfulness. This sanctuary is the perfect neutral color nursery idea for new beginnings and peaceful slumbers.

20. Space Odyssey 

Ignite imagination with a space odyssey-themed gender-neutral nursery. Dark hues contrasted with bright planets, stars, and rocket ships, plus educational elements like constellation charts and space models, inspire a love for space exploration. Glow-in-the-dark ceiling decals and a solar system mobile make the cosmos feel within reach, captivating your little astronaut's attention. Interactive space-themed toys and books encourage learning and imagination, making every day an adventure beyond the stars.

What Your Neutral Nursery Needs

Remember that for the first few weeks and months, your baby’s “nursery” will extend beyond the four walls of his or her room. For convenience, many parents choose to set up areas throughout the house for their baby to sleep, play, eat, and get changed. Chances are, in the beginning your baby will spend more time sleeping in a bassinet in your bedroom and playing in an electric baby swing in the living room than they will in their own room. Even so, your baby will still need their own dedicated baby nursery space where you can store their things, change their diapers, and provide a safe place for them to play and sleep.

Whichever of these gender-neutral nursery themes you ultimately choose, make sure your design is as functional as it is beautiful by carefully thinking about how the room will be used. You’ll need a place for your baby to sleep, play, and get changed, a space to store clothes, diapers, bassinet sheets, a baby playard and other baby needs. You and your baby will be spending a lot of time together in the nursery in the months to come, so create a thoughtful neutral nursery design to make it a space that you love being in.