What Is The Best Bathtub For A Newborn: 4 Smart Features to Look For

Does the idea of bathing your squirmy little bundle of joy make you a little nervous? We get it—soapy babies are slippery, and that can be a bit nerve-wracking. But with the right gear, bathtime can be a fun and relaxing experience for you and your baby.

If you’re wondering what is the best bathtub for newborns, we’ve rounded up the top four features you should consider when making your choice. 

Safety and Comfort Come First

Your baby’s safety and comfort are the number one factors to consider when picking out a tub. Choose a baby bathtub with a contoured design that supports your newborn baby’s head and neck while they’re in a reclined position, with a non-skid surface that will stop your baby from slipping under the water. Next, run your finger around the rim of the tub. Is the edge smooth? Avoid picking a tub with rough edges that could accidentally scrape your baby’s skin as you put them in the tub or take them out. And lastly, what the tub is made of is as important as how it’s made: you’ll want to pick a tub that’s constructed of BPA-free plastic to limit your baby’s exposure to harmful hormone-disrupting chemicals.

And the most important safety tip of all? Remember that no safety features can fully protect your baby from an accident. During bathtime only use a small amount of water in the tub and keep a hand on your baby at all times.

Get the Water Temperature Right

Newborn skin is much more sensitive than adult skin, so what might seem like a comfortably warm bath to you might be much too hot for your baby. The ideal bath water temperature is between 90- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit. But how do you know if the water’s too hot? Too cold? Just right? You can check the temperature by using your elbow or wrist or, better yet, you can choose a tub with a built-in digital thermometer so you can be confident bath water will be both safe and comfortable for your newborn.

Room to Grow

Newborns aren’t newborns for long, so look for a bath tub that’s designed to grow with your baby. Some baby tubs include a special insert for infants under 6 months that will securely support your baby in a fully reclined position. As your baby gets bigger, you can remove the insert so she fits more comfortably. The most versatile tubs can even be used in a full-sized bathtub to keep your baby safe in the water once they can sit unassisted.  

Keep the Water Flowing

It’s hard to get clean in a pool of dirty water. That’s why some tubs, like the 4moms Cleanwater Tub, have a specially designed reservoir that provides a constant flow of fresh, warm water and a side drain that lets dirty water flow out.   

Once you’ve picked out the perfect tub, remember that bath time for your newborn is about so much more than getting clean. It’s a time to play, sing and shower your baby with love to strengthen the bond between the two of you. Choose a baby bath tub that lets you stay focused on the fun!