High-Tech Automatic Baby Rocker Babies Love

New parents talk about blissed out babies all the time. But just as real as baby bliss is baby stress—and that causes stress for both your baby and you.

For your baby, getting accustomed to life in the world is stressful: they’ve gone from the safe and contained environment of the womb, with its built-in comforting sounds and motions, to the loud, bright, and cold outside world. And for you? Well, the sudden transition to parenthood might be blissful…but with so many new routines and responsibilities, it’s plenty stressful, too. 

With all these changes, having a proven way to wind down and relax is important for both you and your baby. An automatic baby rocker that recreates the sensations of the womb will turn your baby from stressed out to blissed out.

What’s Stressing Your Baby Out?

You might be wondering, “What does my baby have to be stressed out about? All they have to do is eat, sleep, and poop.” But there are a variety of physical and environmental factors that can stress your baby and make them fussy.
  • Gas pain is one of the most common causes of fussiness in little ones. If your baby squirms after feeding, arches their back, clenches their fists, or pulls their legs up towards their belly, it’s pretty likely they are fussing because they are gassy. (Note that if fussiness and squirming persist, speak to your baby’s pediatrician to rule out a food allergy or other more serious digestive issue, such as reflux.)
  • The surrounding environment can also stress your baby. If they’re too hot or too cold, they only have one way to tell you: by crying and fussing.
  • Most babies are homebodies. They like a familiar setting and a familiar routine. Travel or a disruption to their routine can stress your baby and make them fussy.
  • Your baby is clued in to your emotions—so If you’re stressed, your baby might pick up on it and start to feel the same way.

Fortunately, unless there’s a medical reason for your baby’s fussiness, it’s typically easy to comfort them and ease them into a better mood. Try walking and bouncing them up and down, playing music or white noise, or rocking them in a rocking chair or glider.

An automatic baby rocker that can do all these things, like the RockaRoo® Baby Rocker, may be the solution you need to comfort your fussy baby while taking some of the pressure off of you. Read on to find out how to pick the best baby rocker for you and your baby.

How an Electric Baby Rocker Comforts Your Baby

The RockaRoo Baby Rocker features a rhythmic front to back gliding motion that babies love. Choose from 5 different speeds to create the just-right movement that comforts your baby. It’s equipped with a colorful mobile so you can relax knowing that your baby is happy and entertained in their rocker.

Safety and comfort are key to the RockaRoo’s smart design. The harness straps keep your baby positioned correctly as they glide back and forth, and the seat fabric is easy to remove and clean so you never have to stress over spills or diaper accidents.

We packed all these features into a compact design that fits anywhere so you can keep your baby nearby throughout the day. It’s simply the best baby rocker chair you can buy.

A baby rocker chair can be indispensable during the first few months of parenthood by bringing rhythmic movement and rhythm to your baby’s life. Try one to calm your baby when they’re fussy…and give your tired arms a break when you need it most.