Cleanwater Tub: The Only Baby Bath Tub You’ll Ever Need

The idea of baby bath time seems idyllic, right? Warm, sudsy water. Sweet-smelling baby skin. Soft fluffy towels…

The reality, though, is that bathing a baby can be nerve-racking for new parents. Wet babies are slippery, bath water gets cold and dirty quickly, and potty accidents—well, let’s just say it’s not a matter of if but when your baby poops and pees in the tub.

At 4moms, we believe in better, so we set out to create a different kind of baby bath tub that eliminates these issues and puts the fun back in bath time.

Our designers created the Cleanwater Tub to completely reimagine baby bath time. We started by adding a reservoir that provides a constant flow of water to keep bath water clean and warm, and a side drain that lets dirty water flow right out. To ensure the safety and comfort of your baby, we added a built-in, color-coded thermometer that automatically alerts you if the water is too hot, too cold, or just right.

Plus, the tub grows with your baby, making it the only tub you’ll need from birth until their first birthday. The newborn insert acts as a snug, safe baby bath chair that can be removed as your baby grows and develops. We even include a rinse cup so you’ve got everything you need for a successful bath time. The result is the best baby bath tub that takes the stress off of you to get everything just right.

How to Use Our Baby Bath Tub as Your Baby Grows

What makes the Cleanwater Tub the best baby bath tub is the clean water reservoir that keeps bath water clean and warm. To use it, position the tub in the sink or adult-sized tub and keep a constant flow of water running into the reservoir and out through the side drain.

Water should pass through the reservoir and over the thermometer before flowing into the tub to make sure the temperature is safe. If the thermometer screen turns red or starts beeping, the water is too hot and you need to adjust the water temperature until the beeping stops and the screen returns to green.

Over the first year of your baby’s life, you can adapt the way you use the Cleanwater Tub to your baby’s age and stage, giving you a long-term solution for bath time:

Stage 1: Newborn

From 0-3 months, you can use the Cleanwater Tub with the included newborn insert to safely and securely cradle your baby in the tub. Place the baby bath tub in the basin of your sink and gently press on the sides to make sure it’s resting securely on the ledge.

Stage 2: Infant

As your baby grows from ages 3-6 months, you can remove the baby bath seat insert and continue to safely use the Cleanwater Tub in the sink. 

Stage 3: Older Baby

Once your baby can sit up on their own, it’s time to move to the big tub. Just set the Cleanwater Tub in your adult-sized bath tub and get ready for some good, clean baby bath time fun.

Make the Most of Baby Bath Time

Baby bath time is about so much more than just washing away the day’s dirt and impurities. It’s a time to connect with your baby and strengthen the bond between the two of you. Use this time to create little rituals—make up a special bath song or play a little game—and finish bath time with a soothing baby massage that helps relax your baby and lull him or her to sleep.

Not only do these routines strengthen the bond you have with your baby, but you are also creating precious memories with your child, even during such a mundane task. With our Cleanwater Tub, make an ordinary chore a joyful experience for both you and your baby to remember. Through it all, the Cleanwater Tub is there for better bath times.