15 Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas In 2024

Excitement is already in the air on Valentine’s Day—so if you’ve got the announcement of a lifetime to share, why not choose the day of love to tell your partner that a whole new person to love is on the way?

Valentine’s Day is always a special day for couples that’s full of romance… but rarely is it life-changing. In this article, we’ve rounded up some ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love by sharing the ultimate gift: A Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement.

How Do You Announce Your Pregnancy on Valentines Day?

Looking for a sweet and memorable way to pull off a Valentine’s Day baby announcement? We’ve rounded up 15 sweet-as-can-be ways to share the big news:

  1. Custom Puzzle Reveal: Turn your ultrasound picture into a custom jigsaw puzzle that reveals your baby’s first pic along with a heartfelt message that functions as a Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement, such as “Cupid has a special delivery coming [on date].” 
  2. Romantic Scavenger Hunt: Create and hide clues for your partner, then send them on a scavenger hunt that ends in the world’s best surprise. 
  3. Little Love Song: Feeling musical? Record a video of you singing or playing your favorite love song with the lyrics changed to suit a Valentine's Day baby announcement. 
  4. Book of Love: Create a small scrapbook that tells your love story, ending with a page announcing that the next chapter in your family’s story is about to begin. 
  5. Message in a Bottle: If the beach is your happy place, use it to create the theme for your reveal by tucking a scroll with your ultrasound picture inside a decorative bottle and hide it in the sand to find on a romantic walk. 
  6. Chalk the Walk: Are you the artsy type? Use sidewalk chalk to create beautiful artwork as a Valentine pregnancy announcement outside your doorstep. 
  7. Valentine’s Themed Photo Booth: Everyone loves a photo booth—so set up a booth stocked with signs and props that subtly reveal that you’re expecting, such as a sign that says, “Oh baby!” that you hold over your belly. 
  8. Love Lock Bridge: Lucky enough to live near a love lock bridge? Customize a padlock with a message about your Valentine's baby announcement and give it to your partner to attach to the bridge.  
  9. Valentine’s Day Tree Planting: Plant a tree in honor of Valentine’s Day, and hang a sign from one of the boughs that says “Our Family Tree is About to Grow.”  
  10. Fortune Cookie Surprise: Share your good fortune literally with a fortune cookie that contains a custom message such as, “Your home will expand by two feet this year. Lucky numbers [insert your due date]”.  
  11. Vintage Valentine’s Day Card: Love old-school vibes? Craft a vintage Valentine’s Day card—think lace and ribbons surrounding your ultrasound pic.   
  12. Love Story Timeline: Celebrate your love with a timeline of your relationship that ends with a “the best is yet to come” Valentine pregnancy announcement. 
  13. Candlelit Dinner Reveal: If it’s your tradition to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a candlelit table …. make this be the first year you serve a special dessert that announces your sweet news with icing. 
  14. News That Pops: Let them know your belly is about to “pop” by filling a heart-shaped balloon with confetti and a sweet note.  
  15. Valentine’s Themed Crossword Puzzle: Create a custom crossword puzzle that’s loaded with clues about your relationship—like where you met, where you went for your first date—and ends with a final question that reveals that a baby is on the way.

Photography Tips for a Memorable Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcement

After you put so much time into planning the perfect Valentine's Day baby announcement, make sure you document the moment with photos you’ll treasure forever. These tips will help you get the shot just right:

  • Choose a romantic location: Where will you do the big reveal? Pick a place that has meaning for you, like the spot where you first met, your favorite restaurant, or a cozy area in your home. 
  • Set the stage: Sweeten the look of your chosen space for a Valentine's baby announcement by decorating with Valentine’s Day-themed items, like heart-shaped balloons and roses.  
  • Get the light right: Early morning and late afternoon is best for natural-light photos, but that timing might not be practical for your Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement. If you must use artificial light, position the light source as close to you and your partner as possible. Turn off any background lights and pull curtains or drapes to keep other light from coming into the room. 
  • Cute coordination: Choose an outfit that coordinates with your partner and incorporates Valentine’s Day colors and motifs. 
  • Get baby in the picture!: Make this photo your first “official” family photo by showing off your ultrasound photos in the picture: snap a photo of you holding the ultrasound or create a display board with a cute message like “Love at First Sight.”

Preparing for Your New Arrival: Creating a Comfortable and Safe Environment

As you’re mulling over Valentine's day pregnancy announcement ideas and preparing a fun and romantic way to share the news, you’re probably also thinking about all the other things you need to do to prepare for your bundle of joy.  

And chances are, your head is spinning! 

There is so much to do to prepare for a new baby—prepping for a baby shower, getting ready for the birth, and setting up your home, not to mention preparing yourself emotionally for this huge life change. This checklist can help you get organized and provides guidance on how to create an environment that stimulates your baby’s emotional and physical development. Gear like baby swings and rockers that recreate the natural way you move, such as the MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing and RockaRoo® Baby Rocker, will be essentials to help you entertain and comfort your baby. 

You’ll quickly learn that safety is the main priority, so you’ll want to choose gear that’s designed with safety in mind like the MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet, which aligns with AAP guidelines that recommend putting your baby to sleep on a firm, flat sleeping surface.

Making the Holiday Extra Special with Your Valentine Pregnancy Announcement

Any day is a great day to announce the news you are expectingbut a Valentine’s Day baby announcement is extra special.

The journey to parenthood stretches your heart in ways that you never knew were possible, and you’ll want to cherish the joy and excitement of each and every stage. Once you’ve shared your news, the next step on your journey is to start getting ready for your baby’s arrival.