Meet Our Experts

"Thanks to the mamaRoo sleep bassinet’s comprehensive safety features, like its firm, flat sleeping surface, breathable mesh sides, and customizable settings, your newborn won’t be the only one sleeping like a baby."

Carolynne J. Harvey, Baby Sleep Expert, author and founder of Dream Baby Sleep®

"As a mom, I know that getting your children to nap and rest can seem like an ongoing battle - and I can understand why at times parents feel ready to resort to any means necessary! But, as a physician, I often worry about how babies are put into less-than-safe scenarios in an attempt to get them to sleep. That's why I love the genius of the mamaRoo sleep bassinet – it combines the soothing motions of the mamaRoo infant seat that our children know (and love!), but in a new platform specifically designed for sleep – so parents no longer have to decide between sleeping and safety. Finally, children – and parents alike – can rest easy."

Dr. Darria Long, ER Doctor, TV Host, National On-Air Health & Wellness Expert at mom of 2, and Best-Selling Author of Mom Hacks.


Getting started with the mamaRoo sleep bassinet

Download our mamaRoo sleep bassinet Quick Start Guide here for must-have tips to improve your baby's sleep.

Transitioning from Bassinet to Crib

When your little one is ready to transition from our bassinet to a crib, download our 6 Step Transition Guide here.

Avoiding Common Bedtime Mistakes

Learn to identify and overcome these 5 everyday challenges.

AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines

Ensure your sleep environment is safe by reading up on the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep recommendations, which include:

A firm, flat sleep surface.
Room share, not bed share.
Fitted sheets, and a bare sleeping space. (no blankets, etc.)