Best Easy To Clean High Chair: Any Parent’s Dream!

Our easy-to-clean high chair is every parent's dream! Make mealtime a lot easier with your very own favorite easy clean high chair.

Feeding your baby can make for adorably messy, Instagram-worthy moments—after all, there aren’t many things that are cuter than a sweet potato-smeared baby grin.

But not-so-adorable is the cleanup afterwards. Do mealtimes leave you wondering how a few tablespoons of food can end up in so many places? While we can’t help you with the food on your baby’s face, hair and all over, we do have a solution that will speed up mealtime clean up: the 4moms® Connect High Chair™, our newest high chair that’s loaded with features that make it the best easy-to-clean high chair you can buy.

Just what is it that makes the 4moms® Connect High Chair™ the best easy clean high chair? When creating the 4moms® Connect High Chair™, 4moms’ designers didn’t overlook a single detail: the seat insert is made of wipeable foam that’s easy to remove and clean with a damp cloth, the tray liner is dishwasher safe, and the frame is constructed without nooks and crannies that trap food and liquids.

But the thoughtful design features go far beyond just being an easy-to-clean high chair. The 4moms® Connect High Chair™ comes with a magnetic tray that glides into place safely and securely with just one hand, and with its sleek, modern lines and cool grey and white color palette, it fits seamlessly into any home decor. Plus, it’s designed to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler, making it the only easy clean high chair you’ll ever need to connect with your little one during family meals.


baby in 4moms high chair

How to Keep the Easy-to-Clean High Chair Mess-Free

Cleaning and caring for the 4moms® Connect High Chair™ is easy. The entire easy clean high chair—including the removable foam insert and tray—can be wiped clean with warm water and mild soap, and the tray liner can be safely washed in the dishwasher. If food or liquid spills onto the harness straps, they can be removed for easy cleaning: just wipe the nylon straps with warm, soapy water and toss the shoulder straps into the washing machine.

How About Eliminating Any Messes in the First Place?

But if despite all these features of the best easy-to-clean high chair, you still feel like you’re spending more time cleaning up after meals than you do actually eating, try these three tips for less messy mealtimes:

  1. Some babies think dumping an entire bowl of food—and then watching you pick it up—is good comedy. Remove the temptation for your little jokester to toss food on the floor by getting rid of bowls and plates entirely. Serve one piece of food at a time and place it directly on the dishwasher-safe tray liner of the 4moms® Connect High Chair™.
  2. If your baby does throw food, don’t overreact. Instead, ignore the mess and don’t pick up whatever ends up on the floor—that can quickly turn “toss the broccoli” into a hilarious ongoing game for your baby. When the food tossing starts, consider it a sign that mealtime is over: take your baby out of his or her easy clean high chair and move on to the next activity.
  3. Want your baby to be as easy to clean as your easy-to-clean high chair? Get rid of the cute tiny bibs and switch to a full coverage bib—some even come with sleeves!—that provides maximum protection from spilled food and drink.
easy to clean high chair

Why is the 4moms® Connect High Chair™ the Best Easy-to-Clean High Chair for Babies?

We get it. Between introducing new foods, managing a picky eater, and making sure more food gets in your baby than ends up on the floor, feeding time is tricky enough. You don’t need to wrestle with a high chair too. Learn about the features that set the 4moms® Connect High Chair™ apart from the others as the best high chair that's easy to clean and make family mealtimes more pleasant for everyone: 

One-Handed Tray Attachment

Parents can juggle a lot of things, but at the end of the day, you only have two hands. That’s why the 4moms® Connect High Chair™ is designed with an innovative one-handed magnetic tray attachment that glides the tray into place and connects securely. What makes this easy clean high chair even better? The tray liner is dishwasher safe. Just pop it into the top rack of your dishwasher for the easiest clean up ever.

Foam Insert Seat Pad

Our high chair’s smart design means it’s the best easy-to-clean high chair available—but that doesn’t mean it skimps on comfort. The seat is covered with a cushy foam insert that you can easily remove and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Functional Grow-with-Me Design

Use your 4moms® Connect High Chair™ to give your baby a seat at the table from birth until age 5. The seat reclines so it can be safely used with your newborn. As your baby grows, you can position the seat upright so they’re safely supported. And this is the best easy clean high chair because it even converts to a toddler chair: just remove the crotch post, harness and tray, adjust the seat height, then pull your toddler right up to the family table.

With so many smart features, the sleek, stylish 4moms® Connect High Chair™ helps your family connect over family meals—and it’s so easy to clean it gives you more time to connect afterwards. As you decide on the best high chair that's easy to clean, be sure to consider the features that have made this high chair a favorite pick of parents who want to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying being together.