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The research is clear: sitting down together for regular meals helps families bond and connect with one another. But the benefits don’t stop there. As kids grow, eating together as a family can improve their physical and mental health, behavior, and self-esteem, head off picky eating, and even boost their academic performance.

Even infants can benefit from their time at the table—in addition to the joy they’ll take in being part of the action, table time encourages the development of language, motor skills, self-reliance, and other valuable skills, and teaches your child how to eat and behave at the table. 

How soon can you start putting the magic of mealtimes to work for your new family? With the right high chair that supports your baby and keeps them safely in place, your baby can join you at the table before they’ve even begun to eat solid foods.

What Makes the 4moms® Connect High Chair® the Right Choice?

Want convertible high chairs that are designed for connecting with your baby from day one? The Connect High Chair from 4moms is a 3-in-1 high chair that’s made to help you reap all the benefits of family mealtimes, from birth to age 5. This smartly designed convertible high chair includes:

  • An adjustable seat that fully reclines to safely support your newborn and keep them comfortable
  • Adjustable height that lets you raise or lower the chair so it’s comfortable for your baby
  • A five-point harness and crotch post to keep them safely in place
  • A removable seat insert and a dishwasher-safe tray liner that makes messy mealtime clean up a breeze
  • An ingenious one-handed magnetic tray attachment that easily glides and locks into place 

And all these features are packaged into a seat with a sleek, modern design and a slim profile that will seamlessly fit into your home.


Baby in 4moms Connect High Chair

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How the 4moms Connect High Chair Grows with Your Baby

Because babies grow so quickly, choosing a 3 in 1 baby high chair that can grow with your baby is an investment that makes sense for most families.

As your baby grows, the Connect High Chair is made to grow with them from birth to 60 months—it transforms from an infant seat that fully reclines to safely support a newborn, to a standard high chair with a removable tray that provides a secure place for your baby as they transition to solids, to a toddler chair that pulls right up to your table—making it the best convertible high chair and the only high chair you ever need to buy. Here’s how to set it up for your baby to safely use at every stage:

Stage One: Newborn 

Fully recline the seat and buckle your baby in using the three-point harness. Use this configuration until your baby can sit up unassisted or when they’ve reached 25 pounds (11.3kg) or 6 months.

Stage Two: Baby

Once your baby can sit up unassisted, transition the seat to the upright position and use the 5-point harness to keep your baby safe and secure in the seat. You can use this set up until your baby reaches 33 pounds (15kg) or 36 months.

Stage Three: Toddler

Once your child is ready for a toddler chair, keep the seat in an upright position but remove the harness straps, crotch post and tray, and drop the chair to the lowest height so you can pull it up to your table. Use until your baby reaches 60 pounds (27 kg) or is 60 months (5 years) old.


4moms Connect High Chair Grow With Me Stages

    Make Mealtime Magic

    Our convertible high chair’s 3-in-1 capabilities can improve mealtime for your family—but first you have to get your baby to feel comfortable in it. Here are some tried-and-true tips to get your baby to love their high chair:

    • Create a routine: Babies thrive on routine so create and stick to one for mealtimes. Try to eat meals and snacks at the same time every day, and be consistent about starting mealtimes the same way every time—for example, you can wash hands and sing a song before strapping your baby into their high chair.
    • Let your baby lead the way: When your baby is ready to make the leap to solids, consider trying baby-led weaning—letting your baby lead how and what they eat.
    • Model good behavior: For older babies who resist being in their high chair, let them see you strap a favorite toy or doll into the high chair and hear you lavish praise on the toy for sitting in their chair so nicely.
    • Offer an incentive: Sometimes, you’ve just got to resort to bribery. If there’s a special food or snack your baby can’t get enough of, only let them have it when they’re strapped into their high chair.

    For the complete guide to making the high chair a happy place for your baby, click here.

    Easy to Clean

    There are few things in life with a baby that are predictable, but this one thing is true: when babies eat, things get messy. From smooshing food all over their high chair and themselves to exploring cause and effect (otherwise known as throwing food on the floor), mealtimes with an infant require quite a bit of clean up.

    That’s why we designed the Connect High Chair to be cleaned easily, with a dishwasher-safe tray and a removable foam seat insert that’s easy to wipe down. The chair itself can be wiped clean with warm water and mild soap. Read the manual for complete care instructions.

    High-Chair Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

    Although the Connect High Chair is designed for safety, be sure to always use it correctly to keep your baby safe:

    • Read the instruction manual carefully. Always follow height and weight guidelines, and use the high chair as directed.
    • Never leave your baby unattended in the high chair.
    • Use the safety straps so your baby can’t slip down and fall out of the chair or stand up in it.
    • Position the high chair at least 2 feet away from tables, counters, and other edges so your baby can’t push off of the surface and tip the high chair over.
    • If you’re using the Connect High Chair as a toddler chair, make sure your table is stable and sturdy so it can’t tip over and injure your baby.

    Baby eating in high chair while mom watches

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    The Best 3 in 1 High Chair for Your Baby

    We believe the Connect High Chair is the best convertible baby high chair you can buy. But don't just take our word for it! Read these five-star reviews from real-life users.

    "This chair is sturdy and easy to use. It keeps our little climber from crawling out of her chair" - Grammypammy

    "Great chair. Easy to assemble. Keeps baby safely in place with harness. Easy clean with the removable tray." - G-Nana

    "I really love the versatility and how is easy to clean it is. I love it!" - Junnell H.

    Give Your Baby a Seat at the Table

    Connect with your baby at mealtimes with the 4moms Connect High Chair.  Designed to be used from the time your baby is a newborn to the toddler years, it's loaded with clever features like a one-handed magnetic tray attach that connects securely and effortlessly, a removable cushioned seat insert that’s easy to clean, and a dishwasher-safe tray liner. They are comfy, practical 3 in 1 high chairs that grow with your baby!


    What age should babies sit in a high chair?

    Babies can start sitting in a high chair once they are able to sit up on their own and support their head and neck, which is typically around six months of age. However, it's important to keep in mind that every baby is different and may reach this milestone at different ages.

    Is 3 months too early for a high chair?

    Yes, 3 months is too early for a high chair. At 3 months, babies are still developing their head and neck control, and they are not yet ready to sit up on their own.