Winter Baby Essentials: The Best Winter Baby Checklist For Cold Weather

Is your due date in the dead of winter? Welcoming a baby when it’s frigid outside requires some extra prep and planning to make sure your baby stays warm and cozy. To help you get ready, we’ve compiled a list of winter baby essentials so you’ll have all the infant winter gear you need for snow season.

Winter Baby Checklist

Must-Have Clothes for a Winter Baby

  • Onesies and footie pajamas: These practical winter newborn essentials will basically be your baby’s uniform for the first few months: onesies are great for layering while footie pjs will keep your baby warm and cozy. And pro tip: skip the jammies with snaps and buy zip-up pajamas. Trust us: wresting with snaps after a 4 AM feeding is something no one ever wants to do.

  • Swaddle blankets/Sleep sacks: These wearable blankets keep baby warm and cozy while they’re sleeping in their bassinet or crib.

  • Socks: Stock up on lots of socks to keep those adorable little baby toes toasty. They’re not just a fashion statement, either. Newborns can’t regulate their body temperature, so socks are winter must-haves for a baby to help their little bodies maintain the right temperature even when it’s cold.

  • Booties: Like socks, but cuter! Soft-soled shoe-like booties will keep your baby’s feet nice and warm (and they make for super cute outfits).

  • Mittens: Little baby mittens are winter essentials for newborns that will keep your baby’s hands warm and—as an added bonus—stop your baby from accidentally scratching their face with sharp fingernails.

  • Caps/hats: Babies heads are larger relative to their bodies—and that means they lose more body heat through their head than adults do. As with socks, covering that bald little head with a cap or hat can help keep your baby regulate their temperature (not to mention, babies in hats are pretty adorable).

  • Bunting or snowsuit: If you live in a snowy, freezing climate, snowsuit are winter baby essentials that will help your baby brave the elements. Choose one with easy-to-use zippers or Velcro, which can make wrestling your baby into the snowsuit much easier. (Remember, though, that snowsuits and other bulky clothing should never be worn when your baby is buckled into their car seat. Instead, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests you drape a coat or blanket over the straps to keep your baby warm.)

  • Baby carrier-friendly coat for you: It’s not just baby who needs new clothes! You’ll appreciate having a coat that’s roomy enough to wear over a baby carrier so you and your baby keep warm as you move around outside this winter. 

Baby Winter Gear Essentials

  • Baby swing: With all the time you’re spending indoors, an electric baby swing that comforts and calms your baby—and gives your arms a break—can be a winter essential for newborns.

  • Baby bathtub: Bath water can get cold quickly. Choose a bathtub for your baby with a built-in temperature display so you know when it’s time to add more warm water.

  • Humidifier: Your baby’s delicate skin can dry out in the winter. A cool mist humidifier makes our winter baby checklist because it adds moisture to dry air to soothe irritated skin and create optimal breathing conditions. Many babies are also comforted by the rhythmic whooshing sounds a humidifier makes while it’s running.

  • All terrain stroller: Nesting is great—but sometimes you need to get out of the house. Investing in an all terrain stroller with wheels that can navigate through snow and slush makes it easy to head outside when cabin fever strikes.

Stay Cozy and Connected With Winter Newborn Essentials

If the prospect of being cooped up at home with a winter baby has you shivering in fear, don’t fret! This timing can actually work to your advantage: with less to do outdoors, your little family will have more time to connect and keep cozy at home. With the right winter essentials for baby, you can still enjoy the colder weather together as a family—and by the time the warmer weather rolls around, your baby will be more mobile, alert, and ready to enjoy the spring sunshine!