4 Questions for Emily Hosie, Founder & CEO of Rebelstork

1. How did it all start? What inspired you to create Rebelstork?

I had purchased a new swing when I had my first child, Hunter, that he eventually outgrew. I wanted to sell it, so I did what every parent does — I posted the swing online to sell it. Between taking photos, writing a description, haggling back and forth on pricing, or getting ghosted, I was wasting time and getting frustrated. When I finally found a buyer, I arranged a meet-up at a public location during the day. The experience left me exhausted and frustrated.

It was at that moment I realized that the baby industry and selling baby gear needed some updating. So, I set out on a mission to change it. With my background in merchandising and retail, I knew that the solution needed to give a better user experience — so I started from there.

2. What makes Rebelstork different from buying from places like Facebook Marketplace or eBay?

Oh, where do I begin.

First and of course the most important is safety when you are dealing with babies and baby gear – and at Rebelstork that is our Pinky Promise. We quality and condition rate every product before we list it so as a parent you know you are getting safe and vetted gear.

Second, you are getting the best price because all pricing is set by REV™, our AI-powered pricing algorithm. We are the only baby gear marketplace that uses technology to set the price. It’s so nice to know, when you shop with us you are indeed getting the best value.

Third, the luxury of your time. You can shop rebelstork.com and find everything you need for your family, just like a retail store but at a fraction of the retail price. You don’t have to hunt multiple sites or sellers and then figure out when and how to get the gear. We are one-stop shop.

Fourth, personal safety. You get to buy second-hand, but you don’t have to meet a stranger in a parking lot.

And finally, and personally a big reason is to join is our community of parents who are liked minded and can truly inspire you every day. The Squawk, our blog, as well as our social channels are filled with fun parenting humor that every parent needs and wants.

3. Rebelstork's mission is to Make Parenting Lighter. What does that mean to you?

I think we can all agree that parenting is the hardest, most exhausting, and yet most rewarding role on the planet. I started Rebelstork to create a sustainable future, circular economy, and the power of Parenting Lighter™. With these 3 keystones in mind, we’ve created a game-changing way to reduce the environmental and financial impact of raising a child. When you #RebelstorkIt, you make the most of your time parenting by harnessing less.

4. Why partner with 4moms?

Emily Hosie Rebelstork

On a personal level, I think they are an amazing brand. What they have invented for parents is truly wonderful. On a business level, 4moms has a community of parents who want to participate in the circular economy and help other families. We can see in REV™ that they are a top brand that holds its resale value and can continue to be passed down to many families. They are leaders in an industry that needs some shaking up and we are thrilled they have joined The ReLuvable™ Collective for all of the families that they can help.

About Rebelstork:

Rebelstork was born to make parenting lighter™ and to extend the life of quality used baby gear – with their vetted marketplace for shoppers and sellers. REV™, their AI-powered pricing technology, will instantly give you a real-time resale value for your baby gear.