15 Spook-tacular Baby Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

With its spooky vibe and cute traditions, Halloween is always a fun time for families—but your baby’s first Halloween is especially fun. Beyond the thrill of decorating and jack o’lanterns, this family-friendly holiday is made for creating the special moments that are integral to your child’s developmentand it all starts with choosing the perfect Halloween costume. In this blog post, we embrace the spirit of the holiday with a round-up of easy and creative baby Halloween costume ideas.

What to Consider for Baby Halloween Costumes

In just a few short years, your child will have very definite ideas and opinions about what they want to be for Halloween. Until then, you’re in charge—so embrace it! And while of course you want newborn Halloween costumes that are cute, creative, and ready for Instagram, even more important is safety.  

As you’re considering baby costume ideas, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you choose a brightly colored costume with reflective tape to make it easy to see your baby when it’s dark out and make sure it’s made of flame-resistant materials. Check that there are no loose cords or strings that could be a strangulation hazard, avoid sharp accessories, and choose hats or head gear that fit well and don’t obstruct vision.  

Also remember that convenience is key: you don’t want to be wrestling with baby Halloween costumes that are hard to put on or take off every time you need to change a diaper.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Need a little inspiration for this year’s costume? Whether you’re buying or DIY-ing, we’ve made a list of 15 creative baby Halloween costume ideas to get you started: 

  1. Lil' Pumpkin: Dress your little pumpkin up as a cute jack o’lantern. This is one of the easiest newborn Halloween costumes because you can buy a pre-made costume or just add eyes, ears, and a mouth to a simple orange onesie and put a green bow in their hair. 
  2. Baby Yoda: Channel "The Mandalorian" by dressing your baby as The Child (aka Baby Yoda). These adorable Halloween costumes for babies is sure to be a hit—especially with all the Star Wars fans in your life. 
  3. Tiny Aviator: A pilot's hat, goggles, and a faux leather jacket are all it takes to turn your little one into a fearless aviator. 
  4. Baby Bunny: Is your little one as cute as a bunny? Have them own it with bunny onesies that make for the perfect comfy and cuddly Halloween costumes for 1-year olds.
  5. Lil' Lion: With a fluffy mane and tail, your baby will be transformed into the king or queen of the jungle. 
  6. Miniature Astronaut: Start dreaming big! A white jumpsuit with NASA patches and a tiny astronaut helmet will get your baby mission ready. 
  7. Garden Gnome: This isn’t your garden variety baby costume idea—and all it takes is a pointy hat and beard and some rosy cheeks to turn your little one into a teeny garden guardian. 
  8. Baby Bee: Everyone will be buzzing about how adorable your baby is when you dress them up in a black and yellow striped onesie with tiny wings. 
  9. Mini Mermaid or Merman: Shimmering tails and seashell accessories make for perfectly enchanting baby girl or baby boy Halloween costumes. 
  10. Little Lobster: A lobster costume with claws and antennae is a cute choice for your little one. Even cuter? When your little lobster goes trick or treating with a friend or sibling in a mermaid costume. 
  11. Baby Burrito: Just swaddle your baby in a yellow blanket and embellish with soft fabric “lettuce,” “cheese,” and “tomatoes.” 
  12. Lil' Ladybug: A red onesie with black dots and a matching antennae headband is an adorable look for your little one. 
  13. Baby Ballerina: One of the classic baby girl Halloween costumes—dress them in a fluffy tutu and a tiara for your prima donna’s time in the spotlight. 
  14. Mini Cowboy or Cowgirl: Have them don a tiny hat, boots, and a vest and your little one will be ready to ride into the sunset. 
  15. Baby Ghost: This simple standby is instantly recognizable—and all it takes is an all-white outfit adorned with a pair of spooky eyes and a mouth 

Have a Scary Good Night 

Halloween can be a blast, but as you plan for the fun and dream up creative Halloween costumes for babies, remember that creating lasting memories goes hand-in-hand with keeping your baby safe and comfortable. Give your baby a safe place to relax and engage during all the Halloween hoopla, like the MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™ and the Breeze® Plus Playard, to make it a spook-tacular night for all.