Random Act of WOW

One of the best things about working at 4moms is something we like to call “Random Acts of WOW.” Random Acts of WOW, or RAOW, are just that – unexpected surprises we give to some of our special fans each month.

This month, Jillian, mom to Ava Grace, sent us a touching letter about her little girl. Ava was diagnosed in utero with cystic fibrosis and hasn’t left the hospital since she was born nearly 7 months ago.

The staff at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children has taken great care of Ava, and Jillian wanted to give back. She asked if we would be willing to donate one of our mamaRoos to their NICU, since Ava was always so happy in hers. We couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough!

The mamaRoo is actually used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) at more than 250 hospitals across the US and Canada. Nurses, like those at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, find it transformational in the care of their smallest and most vulnerable patients – just like sweet Ava Grace.

The natural bouncing and swaying motions of the mamaRoo help promote longer periods of comfort and calm to facilitate testing and allow babies to rest, important when they have lots of growing and healing to do! The seat is also especially helpful when parents need a little break and nurses are being pulled in many directions.

We’re happy to report that little Ava Grace is doing great and is well on the road to going home. And thanks to her mom, Jillian, more babies like Ava Grace will have the opportunity to use a 4moms mamaRoo in the Toronto Hospital NICU.


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