Meet Blakely, Arian & Morgan

At 4moms, we Believe in better™. Better products, better collaboration, better communities. The 4moms Cares program dramatically impacts the lives of children & families in need through meaningful product donations, hospital discounts and supporting our local communities.

Here are a few notes from the families that we were lucky enough to help through product donations this month. If you know a family or non-profit that could benefit from a 4moms product, share your story here.


Meet Morgan

“I reached out to 4moms because it [the mamaRoo] was a trusted and respected device in many rooms of the NICU my daughter was in. On days that I was unable to go to the hospital, I relied on the mamaRoo to comfort and hold my daughter. I am very grateful for the capabilities of the mamaRoo. Thank you so much for your generosity! What a great company, you have no idea how much Miss Morgan is going to be happy to get back to her norm. ”

-Keli M., Federal Way, WA


Meet Arian

“I reached out to 4moms to see if there was any help we could get after we lost everything in a terrible apartment fire. I honestly didn't expect to [hear back], but I received a phone call shortly thereafter and we were so excited to hear that they could help with a playard for our son Arian! We will forever be thankful to 4moms from the bottom of our hearts, it truly means a lot to see that there is a company out there that really cares about people!”

-Alexis R., Houston, TX


Meet Blakely

“Our little miracle born at 32 weeks. She suffers from severe reflux and extreme colic. During our month long stay in the NICU she fell in love with the mamaRoo. We are so grateful that 4moms shared this amazing seat with us. We love that she can sit up in it unlike other swings, which helps with her reflux. You never know how great a product is until your baby who cries for 15-18 hours a day actually smiles. Your donation means more to us than you will ever know. With so much love, A truly thankful mommy and extremely happy baby.”

-Kayla and Baby Blakely, Mountain Home, ID