Meet a Survivor

Last month, our 4moms Cares program was lucky enough to help three families and organizations through product donations.  Here are a few of their stories. If you know a family or non-profit that could benefit from a 4moms product, share your story here.

Meet a Survivor

"I am a foster mother with a shaken baby survivor. His brain injury is extensive and he sometimes has a hard time finding a comfortable position to rest in. He used a mamaRoo and really loved it - he was incredibly comfortable and relaxed.  I reached out to 4moms Cares and they were generous enough to send one to make sure this little guy was as comfortable as possible. The mamaRoo is a huge blessing to this baby boy. He absolutely loves it and is so comfortable in the soft and cushioned padding.

 4moms - We are so thankful for you! I've never been more impressed with a company and your caring and dedication to helping others. Thank you again!”

-Gail M., Foster Mama

Meet The World’s Best Aunt

“After a few weeks in the NICU my nephew was finally able to come home but had to be on oxygen and monitored. While in the NICU he got very attached to the mamaRoo they had there and my sister really needed one of her own, but couldn't afford it. I reached out to 4moms Cares and now my nephew is back in his favorite seat! Thank you so much 4moms Cares for generously sending us one!!”

-Miriam S., Lakewood NJ

NYC Mammas Give Back

“Harriet and her five-month-old daughter were the lucky family gifted the 4moms bounceRoo at a fun-filled baby shower hosted by NYC Mammas Give Back. She is delighted with this amazing support from 4moms as she finds her way as a new mother. Harriet had a difficult childhood and was not taught fundamental skills to cope with life stressors—leaving her to years of struggling, instability, and emotional dysregulation. Luckily, Harriet is extremely resourceful and has been actively engaged in parenting support, counseling, and job training; she eagerly attends each session and tries to gain the most out of every group.

Despite Harriet’s past struggles she has shown the ability to provide the best care for her daughter and is excited to use the bounceRoo to help soothe her daughter and create the safest environment for her to live. We are so happy to be able to provide this support to Harriet and we're very thankful to 4moms Cares for enabling us to do so.”

-Allison S., NYC Mammas Give Back