From diapers and onesies to swings and strollers and everything in between, babies need a lot of things as they grow and develop. That’s why being prepared with the must-have baby items that work across a range of ages can make your life as a new parent so much easier.

Worrying about what to register for? We’ve put together the best baby registry items to help you kickstart the process so you’re ready to welcome your baby home. In this guide, we explain how baby registries work, how to choose the right registry, and when to start a baby registry, plus you’ll find a baby registry checklist that highlights what—and what not—to include.

Setting Up Your Baby Registry

There are so many options for setting up your baby registry—from big box stores to online retailers to small, local boutiques. How do you decide what’s the right place for you? Take the following criteria into account as you make your decision:


Perhaps the most important consideration is the selection of products. Does the store sell the must-have baby items you want? Do they offer a variety of high-quality brands and stock a wide range of options in your budget for you to choose from? If it’s a physical store location, do they have lots of gear on display that you can see, feel, and touch to make sure you like it in person?


When thinking about accessibility, consider this baby registry checklist: Is the place you’re registering convenient for family and friends? If you’re picking a brick-and-mortar store, does it have lots of locations people can get to easily? If it’s online, do they offer conveniences like free shipping and returns? You want to make things as easy as possible for shoppers (and yourself) so if it’s not going to be convenient for most people, choose another option.

Ease of Use

Some registries are more seamless than others. Check to see how easy it is to add and change items, and if services include a gift tracker that helps you stay on top of what’s been purchased and organize thank you notes.

Perks & Discounts

Many registry programs offer a registry completion discount on remaining items, which can save you significant money on the things that you need to purchase on your own for your baby.

When To Register

Wondering when to start a baby registry? Many registries allow you to set your listing to “private” mode so you can start putting together your registry as early as you’d like without anyone being able to see it. If you choose to wait, just be sure to have the registry completed before your baby shower so guests know what you would like for your baby. 

Once you’ve narrowed down where and when to register, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to include. Our baby registry checklist can help you select the must-have baby items to add to your list.

Must Have Baby Registry Items to Include On Your Registry

What baby items are most needed? Truth be told, just how comprehensive you want your registry to be is up to you. Some people only add big-ticket items, while others include everything they need for their baby, from expensive gear to inexpensive items like pacifiers, sippy cups, and onesies. Whatever route you go, you’ll want to include these best baby registry items:

  • Bassinet:  This must-have baby item will be an essential during the first few months at home with your baby. A bassinet like the Mamaroo Sleep® Bassinet creates a safe, dedicated sleep space for your baby in your bedroom, and it’s got 5 unique motions to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

  • Tub: A baby tub is a registry must-have for keeping your baby clean and safe during bathtime. Choose one that has built-in safety features and can grow with your baby, like the 4moms® Cleanwater™ Tub.

  • Baby Swing: There will be times when you need to put your baby down to get stuff done—and for those times, you’ll really appreciate having a baby swing that soothes and entertains your baby, like the MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™.

  • Playard: A portable playard is another one of those key baby registry items that provide your baby with a safe place to nap and play. Look for a playard that is easy to set up, li

  • High chair: A high chair gives your baby a seat at the table during family meals. The 4moms® Connect High Chair™ is loaded with thoughtful features to make feeding easier, and transitions as your baby grows.

  • Baby play gym: A baby gym might not seem like a baby registry must-have doesn’t only entertain your baby. It also helps foster your baby’s brain development and gives you a chance to bond with your baby as they play.

  • Baby books: Build a library for your little one; choose a mix of sturdy board books and classic picture books that you can read together in the years to come.

  • Breast pump: If you’re breastfeeding, you may want a breast pump—it will help you stock up a supply of milk for your baby and lets your partner share the feeding duties with you.

  • Baby monitorA video or audio baby monitor is one of those registry must-haves that gives you the ultimate peace of mind by letting you check on your baby while they’re sleeping in another room.

  • Infant car seat: If a car is your main form of transportation, you’ll need an infant car seat. This is one item you really should buy new: a hand me down car seat may not be safe and may not protect your baby in the case of an accident.

  • Stroller: A stroller is a registry must-have if ever there was one. Choose one that fits your lifestyle; if you’re a city dweller, you’ll probably want a large stroller with a big storage basket that can navigate city streets, while suburbanites might prefer a lightweight stroller that’s easy to fold and lift into your car trunk.

  • Changing table: You’ll be doing a lot of diaper changing over the next few years, so a dedicated space to deal with all those messes will come in handy.

What should you not put on your baby registry? Think about your lifestyle. If your home has limited storage, for example, you might want to limit the gear you buy or might want to pick smaller scale items that take up limited floor space, so make sure to leave those baby registry items out. You may also get hand-me-downs or can borrow things from friends with older children, which can cut down on the number of things you need to register for.

Get Your Registry Right

Hard as it is to believe, it’s almost go time! Are you ready for life with baby?

Having the right gear and items on hand can help make the transition to parenthood easier for you, your partner, and your baby. With our ultimate baby registry checklist, you won’t forget a single baby registry must-have and will have all the essentials you need to bring your baby home.