Tips for Soothing Your Baby with a Swing

It’s a situation all new parents will be in sooner or later. Your baby is crying uncontrollably and nothing—nothing!—you do calms or soothes them.

But there’s no need to collapse into a puddle of tears alongside your frantic baby. A soothing baby swing might be just what you need to calm your baby and restore peace. Read on to learn soothe your baby with a baby swing.

Tips for Soothing Your Baby with a Swing

Once you’ve got the American Academy of Pediatrics safety basics down, it’s time to start using the swing. The first few times you use it, you should stay close by while your baby is in the swing; you can gradually increase your distance from the swing, but always remain within sight so you have an eye on your baby at all times. Then try these three tips for swinging success during baby playtime:

Set the Scene

Swings work by recreating the feeling—both sound and motion—of being in the womb for your baby. But not all babies are soothed by the exact same sound and motion, so a swing like the MamaRoo®4 Multi-Motion Baby Swing—which features 5 motions, 5 speeds, and 4 sounds—lets you experiment by combining settings until you hit upon the right combination that soothes your baby.

If your baby starts to fuss after a few minutes of swaying, you may need to try out different speed and movement combos or adjust the volume level or vary the sounds.

And just as important as the swing’s settings is where you put the swing. Move it around a bit to try out different lighting options—your baby may bliss out in a darkened room or light up in a sunnier space, or they may prefer the hustle and bustle of the kitchen to the comparative quiet of the living room.  

Don’t Forget to Accessorize!

You can enhance your playtime with baby in the swing by providing other distractions to soothe and calm away fussiness. You may want to offer your baby a pacifier to help them self-soothe and choose a swing with a built-in mobile that entertains and distracts your baby while they rock.

The mobile on some swings, like the MamaRoo, even have removable toys for older babies to play with, which makes it a great choice to grow with your baby.

Keep it Consistent

As with many things related to baby care, consistency is key when it comes to how to play with a baby. Once you hit upon the right combination of sound, motion, setting and accessories that make your baby happy, stick with them!

Ready, Set, Soothe!

Crying and fussing is just one of the way’s that your baby communicates with you, so try not to let their cries stress you out. Next time, turn to an electric baby swing to try to stop the crying and enjoy some playtime with baby. You may just find the swing is your baby’s favorite thing in the world…and yours, too!