4moms Celebrates 10 Years of Giving Back

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, 4moms Cares – the charitable arm of 4moms – is expanding its yearly donation efforts in 2021. With a mission to give hospital staff and families the extra set of arms they need to comfort their NICU babies through MamaRoo donations, the 4moms Cares’ program goal is to donate 400 units this year. To date, the program has donated more than 7,000 MamaRoos to hospitals and families in need.

MamaRoos in the NICU

Adena Medical Center Nurses

Why the NICU? The MamaRoo Infant Seat has been a staple in hospitals for nearly a decade. Doctors and nurses have found its motions transformational in caring for preemies and babies with severe conditions such a Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).

“43 years as a NICU nurse in this unit. I have certainly seen a lot of change in medical technology that has improved outcomes for our babies. I was skeptical of the introduction of the MamaRoo on our unit, but now I’m the nurse bartering Starbucks cards or candy in trade to use one! Such a comfort for our babies. Every patient that needs one should have one!”

– Deb H., Riley Hospital for Children (Indianapolis, IN).

Today, the MamaRoo is in more than 600 hospitals in all 50 states! 

NICU Babies ❤️  the MamaRoo

This year’s donations are off to a great start.  In addition to giving hospitals MamaRoos, 4moms Cares also provides units to NICU families that are transitioning home.  These are just a few of our favorite stories.

Meet Lauren

This NYC high school teacher gave birth to spontaneous identical triplet girls last September. The girls were born at 31 weeks and spent weeks in the NICU due to severe reflux.  During their stay the nurses placed them in mamaRoos after their feeds to help keep them a little more upright.

triplets in NICU


When they were ready to head home, we were happy to donate three mamaRoos to this family to help with the transition, and provide a safe space for the girls - especially after their feedings. 

Meet Noah


His birth story is…unique. In January his parents left their Ohio home to visit Noah’s soon-to-be grandparents in Tennessee. While there, mom & dad experienced car trouble, which unexpectedly extended their stay. The stress of the delay, coupled with the stress of mom missing work, and dad’s recent unemployment due to COVID, caused mom to go into early labor, and Noah was born at 25 weeks at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

While in the NICU, Noah experienced a number of medical complications, and was eventually transferred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH in March. His mom joined a NICU support group on Facebook to find a little bit of comfort. In the group, the other moms recommended the MamaRoo as a great tool to help Noah transition home.

So when his mom reached out to 4moms Cares, we were happy to donate a unit. We’re also very happy to report that little Noah finally graduated from the NICU on May 14th (after more than a 5-month stay) and is finally resting comfortably in his new MamaRoo.

Meet Mike


This little guy has already been through so much.  When he was just five days old, he had open-heart surgery and spent months in the NICU.  While there, he fell in love with the calming and soothing motions of the MamaRoo Infant Seat.  When he was strong enough to go home, his mom reached out to see if we would be able to donate a MamaRoo to help keep him as comfortable as possible.  We were happy to help this little heart warrior and his family.  By the looks of this photo, he seems to still be loving it!


To learn more about 4moms Cares and the donation program visit: https://www.4moms.com/pages/4moms-cares