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music note It's bath time, baby!

Make bath time a blast with these bubbly tunes from our custom playlist.

  1. Let’s Go Tubbin’
  2. I Love You Too
  3. Splish Splash
  4. Mama Papa Love
  5. Upside Down
  6. Swimmy Swim
  7. Pollywog In A Bog
  8. Rubber Duckie
  9. Five Days Old
  10. Tugboat
  1. Who’s My Pretty Baby
  2. I’ve Got to Be Clean
  3. Sing
  4. Free Little Bird
  5. Fall Into Love
  6. At the Bottom of the Sea
  7. When You’re Smiling
  8. A, You’re Adorable
  9. Starfish
  10. Another Day is Done

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